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A brief introduction to
Siang-Lan Primary School

Siang-Lan Primary School is located at Siang-Lan village, Tai-Ma-Li, Tai-Tung County, a beautiful place facing the Pacific Ocean with mountains in its backyard. At the school’s initial establishment in September 1955, it was known as a branch to the Da-Wang school. At that time, Siang-Lan School only had two classrooms; the land the school was built on was less than one hectare and was bought and donated by local people. Although the school was small, it had a breath-taking view.

In September 1962, as the population and the number of school-age children grew in the area, Siang-Lan School became independent after the elected representative Mr. Lai A-Yee’s proposal to separate Siang-Lan from Da-Wang School got approved by the government, and Siang-Lan Primary School was finally reformed in September 1968. 

Siang-Lan Primary School covers two main school districts, namely the old and new Siang-Lan region, where the population is very diversified, including Pai-Wan, A-Mei, Fu-Jian, Hakka, and etc., allowing different cultures to coexist. In recent years, due to low birth rate, the number of students in Siang-Lan Primary School has considerably decreased. However the school is still devoted to provide high-quality education and to support students to develop in all perspectives in a hope to create abundant Siang-Lan characteristics.